All My Relations – Indigenous Recovery

Rekindle the Fire Inside

Together We Can has specific Addiction Therapy Programs that address and treat issues within the indigenous community, but also offers spiritual healing traditions and teachings to all of their residents.

Program Overview

All My Relations Indigenous Program at Together We Can believes in combining the 12 Step Model approach with Indigenous Culture and Traditions.  We believe in the 12 Step philosophy where recovery is a process where one admits they cannot control their addiction, they recognize that a higher power can give them strength, they need to examine their past errors, they need to make direct amends for these errors, they need to learn to live a new life with a new code of behaviors and eventually they need to learn to help others.

Each person’s journey will be different for every person we work with depending on their past experiences.  Our ultimate goal is the creation of a new code of behavior and to help others.  In order to achieve this we access several services and resources and facilitate several culturally specific workshops.

With guidance from Elders in the Squamish Nation and Nisqua communities, Indigenous spirituality is integrated into all aspects of our program structure. From a perspective of respect and appreciation, counsellors incorporate activities such as smudging, sweat lodge ceremonies, pow wows, cedar brushing and talking circles. Our goal is to educate residents on the vastly therapeutic qualities associated with local indigenous cultures as they move closer to contentment, freedom and strength.

We also attend various other cultural activities as they arise and dependent upon the needs of the residents.  We have been in partnership with the Traditional Grandmothers and Grandfathers group that meets regularly at the Raycam Center.  We also partner and support the Warriors Against Violence Society.  We have attended various workshops hosted by the Indian Residential School Survivors Society as well.