Helping Families who Struggle with Addiction

Helping someone struggling with addiction is never a straightforward process. One of the many initial hurdles facing family members is the prospect of motivating their loved one to seek out professional treatment. The idea of uprooting one’s life, no matter how terrible it may be at the time, is an intensely frightening proposal for those suffering in active addiction.

Together We Can works with certified interventionists to assist the family members of a suffering loved one. The emotional turmoil and volatile nature of these situations demands the presence of a dedicated professional in order to properly convey a unified, powerful message. 

We encourage family members to use the services of a professional interventionist to initiate appropriate changes in the life of someone struggling with substance abuse. 

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Craig Fluter, CCAC

Certified Addictions Counsellor/Interventionist

Craig Fluter is a program facilitator, and interventionist who has been an active member of the Vancouver recovery community since 2005. He earned his Addictions Counselling Diploma from VCC and also holds a CCAC designation as a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor (CACCF). 

Craig has six years of experience working at the Cordova Detox Facility on the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver as a support worker and the detox supervisor. Driven by his passion for recovery, Craig has worked with countless individuals and their families conveying his knowledge, experience and insight around issues related to addiction, relationships and trauma. 

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Linda lane-Devlin, ICADC, CIP, CCAC, CCS

Certified Interventionist, Addictions Counsellor, and Case Manager

Linda is a Certified Interventionist and Addictions Counsellor who has made it her mission in life to help people overcome personal barriers and realize their potential. After working in the Social Services Industry for over two decades, she obtained her ICADC designation as a Registered Addictions Counsellor with an International designation in Addiction Service Provision.

Linda is the co-founder of Interventions on Demand and CEO of Success Online Coaching which provide specialized services to those in need of counselling, life-coaching, and personal development. Linda is one of the top Executive Management Leaders in the Health Care Industry and has been involved in many Provincial and National Health initiatives including the Council on Workplace Health and Wellness.

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