Together We Can – Family Retreat

Come join us at the Together We Can – Family Retreat

June 23rd – 25th 2017
Friday 3pm – Sunday 3pm

Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre
14500 Silver Valley Road, Maple Ridge, British Columbia

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TWC Family Retreat program provides education and activities to nurture productive change that improves communications and self-esteem, reduces conflict, and helps navigate the addiction recovery journey.

All family structures are warmly welcomed. Adolescents especially may feel a great deal of stress within a family. We offer outdoor activities, coping skills, and counselling to strengthen the parent-child relationship. Family dynamics play a central role in our emotional health, and need to be factored into any recovery plan. Addiction and dysfunction affect the entire family system, adding a level of complexity of healing and wellness.

When addiction invades a family, everyone suffers.  This weekend workshop family retreat will provide family members that are impacted by the cycle of addiction at a deeper understanding of this illness, how it affects them, and how their efforts to help sometimes lead to the problem getting worse.

Through education, experiential exercises and group process, we will focus on what to do and what not to do. And we will provide participants with tools that can help them remain hopeful and move forward with their own healing recovery process.

More Details:

Venue: Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre is a natural venue for creativity, for camaraderie, and for fresh starts. They're less than 50kms from Vancouver, BC, and work with every client to provide an environment designed for both personal and professional growth.

Their serene lakeside setting is ideal for yoga retreats and fireside wellness seminars. Heated floors, customizable menus, and scalable accommodation options provide practitioners with choice, convenience, and a mindful classroom setting.

Length: The length varies 2 and 1/2 days. (Approximately 25 hours of clinical involvement)

Cost:  $2,000 base price for couple and for additional family member $500 that includes; private rooms, and all meals include.

Topics of Discussion:  Understanding Addiction as a progressive illness, Practicing Self Care, Setting and Keeping boundaries, Attachment to Addiction, Addiction is having problems with connections and what recovery looks like for the entire family.

Family Retreat Goals:

Goals vary according to the family, but in general we seek to identify primary themes and common patterns of interaction.  Goals include:

  • Rebuilding trust
  • Build healthy communication based on honesty and respect
  • We identify specific rules that driving family patterns and identify new healthy rules to replace old destructive rules. 
  • Establish family agreements
  • Identify the governing rules that dictate and support the unhealthy and in-effective patterns of interaction
  • Clear the air of tension and old offenses

More family specific issues and goals are identified in the intake process.


Retreat Facilitator
Nationally Board Registered Interventionist and Addiction Specialist

Patricia has conducted hundreds of Interventions with a 92% success rate both in the U.S. and Canada. Ms. Pike is a currently a professional member of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs & Professionals that holds an accredited Masters Certification in Addiction Studies internationally.

Ms. Pike is a highly trained expert drawing from her skills with over 24 years of professional experience. Her education background includes; Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counsellor (LAADAC),Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC II), long standing member of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation, Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counsellor through the ICRC (I.C.A.D.C) and Board Certified Intervention Professional (CIP/PCB) through the Pennsylvania Certification Board.

Learn More about Patricia Pike Here:

​To register for the Together We Can – Family Retreat please phone 604-451-9854 or email

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